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    How To Put 6 Pack Rings On Your Cans

    Hi, I'm Dean. I'm going to show you how to put beverage cans into the six can holder. 


    I like to start in the corner, make sure this edge is underneath the lip of the can. You put that under the lip there, you kind of work around. I like to use the finger holes here to help me. Yeah, the first can will be the hardest so don't worry about that up in stretch it does take a little effort. Once you have a popped in there, see we're good to go. 


    Now we just start slowly moving around, once again to the edge there. Then I work close to the can first to the prior can use a finger holes and bring it in, stretch it around. quite simple. 


    It's a little faster and easier as you go down the row. And bring it in and use that finger hole to get that extra pop in there. 


    First three cans in, bring it around. Once again, underneath, outside edge, then use to finger holes. Pop one more, start here and surrounded there in the finger hole to get this stretch to the last one. This last one is the hardest one. I could start out here and here and kind of bring it outside and leave the inside there because that's where all the strength is for pulling and pop pop. And it's on. 

    Now you have six cans in your beverage holder.