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    Our Favorite Cooler Bag Hacks


    Our cooler bags are so easy to use


    We've compiled our favorite cooler bag hacks and have decided to share them with you. These tips almost seem like givens but you'll be surprised that you haven't thought of them yourself. Our insulated cooler bags are an absolute necessity for all your social gatherings or events. They are great to take to your summer picnics but they are on-duty year-round as a reusable food delivery bags and insulated grocery bags. Use these hacks to good use anytime, especially if you live in a year-round warm climate.


    Plan ahead. These cooler bags are foldable for storing. Why not store it in the freezer when it’s not in use? Or, if you hadn’t thought about it until now and you have that picnic tomorrow or later today, don’t fret. Just add some ice in there now and give it some time to cool down before you have to pack up everything. The cooler it is, the longer it will keep your items cooled.

    Store it in the freezer


    If you want to keep your food and drinks cold while you're on the go, packing plenty of ice in your cooler bag is essential and the type or size of ice you use will make a difference. Smaller ice cubes that come straight from your ice maker or from a store will work right away to keep your things colder, but will also melt faster. Putting in a few big slabs in there that won’t melt as quickly will ensure you have ice in your cooler bag as the long, hot day progresses. Consider also keeping the ice contained in a zip lock bag. Even though our cooler bags are waterproof, the dryer you keep it, the longer you’ll get use out of it.


    Fill balloons or zip lock baggies with water and freeze them into larger slabs of ice. Or freeze some water bottles. This is also something that would need to be planned out ahead of time. But a little foresight will come in handy and your friends will be wondering why they themselves hadn’t thought of such a simple idea.


    The sun is hot and that can cause problems for your ice. Make sure to find some shade for your cooler bag or make your own by draping a towel or blanket over it. By doing this you can help keep your ice from melting too quickly.

    5) WRAP IT UP

    If you didn’t plan ahead or it was a very last-minute trip and you don’t have any ice on hand, it’s ok! Wrap a thick stack of newspaper around your food (cold OR hot!) before putting it into your cooler bag. Although it won't stay fresh for days, wrapping your food in thick bunches of newspaper will help to insulate it and block out some air and moisture. This can be helpful if you're looking to keep your food fresh for a short period of time or until you can get to the store for some ice.

    Inside our cooler bags


    We have the perfect insulated cooler bag for almost any occasion! Looking to pack a lunch for the beach? Or maybe you need some snacks for the office? How about delivering food to a friend? We’ve got you covered!

    Whatever you may need to close out the summer or just to have year-round, we’ve got a bag for you!